Brazilian Congress of Health Promotion

November 04-07

Unicesumar - Maringá-PR


Themes from CBIPS focus on interdisciplinary debates

Promote health requires an understanding of the complexity of the problems inherent to the way of life of a particular social group. In this sense, all the concepts and guidelines from the studies of the different areas of knowledge are essential to the design of new action strategies of Heath Promotion.

This premise has been guided by a delimitation of the themes to be addressed in CBPS. Not only in the lectures and round tables, but also in the calling for scientific studies to be presented at the Congress.

The buy Promethasin online themes are distributed in four major areas: Environment in Health Promotion; Technology in Health Promotion; Public Policies in Health Promotion and Health Promotion in the Business Environment.

Among the questions linked to the environment, the Congress receives studies about healthy behavior and care with the environment; residues and human health; environmental studies and consumption and Where to buy Xenical health; studies of the body and movements; healthy cities; education and health for the XXI century; and health promotion and life quality.

With the proposition of discussing about health promotion technologies, the scientific committee of the Congress believes in research in the areas of information and communication; health and education; diagnostic technologies; e-heatlh/m-health; epidemiological studies; health technology and economy; evaluation of health technologies and of the effectiveness of the actions in health promotion; collective knowledge from Open Data; Smart Cities and risk management.

Already thinking of Public Policies in order Xenical online Health Promotion, the expected studies include the health of the elderly, women, children and young people; chemical and psychological dependence; health promotion in specific population groups; coping with social problems: violence, prejudice, etc.; besides researches about National Policies in Health Promotion and its plans of action; feeding, physical exercises, smoking, amongst other factors.

At least, the axis Health Promotion in the Business Environment accepts studies in the workers’ health and productivity areas; business social responsibility; actions of life quality in the business environment; and motivation and productivity in the business environment.

Submission is open. Deadline in 31/07/2014.