Brazilian Congress of Health Promotion

November 04-07

Unicesumar - Maringá-PR


Teacher discloses CBIPS in NorthEast Brazil

Professor Gilberto Pavanelli, teacher of the Masters in Health Promotion Program from Unicesumar, Regional Meeting of Health Economics in the Northeast, carried out in Joao Pessoa (PB). On the occasion, Pavanelli made a formal invitation to participants to enroll in I Brazilian Congress in Interdisciplinary buy Levitra online Health Promotion.

The meeting, which brought together about 800 teachers, researchers and professionals in the area of health in Brazil, being many secretaries or municipal health administrators, served to discuss the progress and efficiencies in health policies for the SUS. Many participants showed interest in coming to CBIPS.

The teacher attended to the event in the northeast to present articles on leishmaniasis in Maringa and zoonoses transmitted by fish. The presentations and discussions were held on 11 and 12 of March and some were awarded by the Scientific Committee of the event.

The researches

The articles presented by the teacher in João Pessoa are the results of research carried out by teachers and students from the course of Masters in Health Promotion from Unicesumar. The research on Leishimaniose was performed in Borba Gato, endemic district of the city, and assessed the situation of the elderly who live with the disease, transmitted by mosquitoes in a forest area in the region.

The second survey deals buy misoprostol with the transmission of parasites by the ingestion of raw fish, “a habit that has grown exponentially in the country, causing concern for health authorities”, said professor Gilberto Pavanelli. The objective of this work is to stimulate research to clarify aspects of the epidemiology of these diseases and to evaluate the anti-parasitic activities ofplant species.

“They made a proposition to the Ministry of Fisheries order misoprostol and Aquaculture with the objective to prevent the manifestation of these pathologies in the cultivation systems practiced in the country, in addition to performing action of awareness among health professionals, clarifying issues about the ingestion of raw fish”, concluded Pavanelli.