Brazilian Congress of Health Promotion

November 04-07

Unicesumar - Maringá-PR

Submission Rules

Submission guideline

Submissions are to be made in the official site of the congress. Eachubscription will earn the submission of up to 02 scientific research, being allowed, however, the participation as co-author in scientific research submitted by other subscribed participants. The scientific research may be submitted in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Only 01 (one) certificate will be emitted per scientific research , presenting the names of all authors, and indicating the presenter, being the first author considered the presenter.

Scientific research will only be accepted if followed all established guidelines and dates. Out of date scientific research will not be accepted. Submission will be confirmed by electronic message. In case of failure in confirmation, please contact us by e-mail:

Style and modality

Scientific research may be submitted in the following styles: ABSTRACT, ARTICLE or EXPERIENCE REPORT.

The styles ABSTRACT and EXPERIENCE REPORT will be presented in the modality POSTER and ARTICLES in the modality ORAL COMMUNICATION.

In case of extrapolation of the number of scientific research approved in the modality Oral Communication in relation to the number of available rooms for the presentation, the Organizing Committee will direct the extra scientific research to presentation in the modality POSTER.

General guidelines for poster presentation

Abstracts or Experience Reports must be elaborated following “template Poster”.

Size of the poster: each poster will count with an available space of 90 cm wide x 120 cm height for exposition.

Suggestion for poster presentation:

  1. Title
  2. Authors full name
  3. Authors e-mail
  4. Name of sponsor, funding and supporting institutions
  5. Introduction
  6. Objectives and/or Research or Intervention Methods
  7. Results
  8. Conclusion or final considerations
  9. References (optional for Experience Reports)

General guideline for Oral Communication

The scientific research  must be elaborated following the “full article template



Environment in Health Promotion

  • Healthy behavior and care with the environment
  • Waste and Human Health
  • Environmental Studies, consumption and health
  • Study of the body and the movements
  • Health Promotion and Life Quality

Public Policies in Health Promotion

  • Elderly Health
  • Women Health
  • Children and Teenager Health
  • Addiction: Chemical and Psychological
  • Health Promotion in specific populations
  • Facing social problems: violence, prejudice, etc.
  • National Policy of Health Promotion and its action plans: food, physical activities, smoking, etc.

Promoting Health in the business environment

  • Workers Health and Productivity
  • Social and business responsibility
  • Life quality actions in the business environment
  • Motivation and productivity in the business environment

Technologies in Health Promotion

  • Communication, Information, Health and Education Technologies
  • Diagnostic Technologies and Health Promotion
  • e-health/m-health Technologies
  • Digital Technology and Epidemiological Studies
  • Health Technology and Economy
  • Evaluation of health technologies
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of health promotion actions
  • Public knowledge through Open Data
  • Health Promotion in Smart Cities
  • Risk technology and management

Annals of the Congress

Accepted abstracts will be included in the Annals of the Congress, which will be available in the site of the event, after the completion of the same.

In this congress the scientific research  accepted by the scientific committee will be published in CD/DVD along with the whole schedule of the event and materials of lectures. Publications will be indexed in CD/DVD (ISSN) and also on the Internet through the electronic document of identification ( “doi” – Digital Object Identifier).


Subscriptions will be submitted via internet and the values and enrollment dates are as follows:

Categories/Dates 01/05 to 31/07 01/08 to 04/09 05/09 to 05/10
Undergraduate student R$ 80,00 R$ 100,00 R$ 120,00
Graduate student R$ 100,00 R$ 120,00 R$ 150,00
Professionals R$ 150,00 R$ 200,00 R$ 250,00
Mini courses*** R$ 50,00 R$ 65,00 R$ 80,00
Accompanyings R$ 60,00 R$ 80,00 R$ 100,00

* Payment on credit card prior to the event. After 05.10 until the days of the event, payment only by check or money.
** Subscribed participants with age above 60 years, in any of the categories, will have 50% discount (Law No 10,741 , 01/10/ 2003)
*** One mini course is already included in the value of the entry. If they want to make more than one mini course, the values are discriminated on the dates of the table.

All subscriptions will be entitled to 01 (one) mini course, to the material (folder, badge and material, map, programming on CD), participation in the opening cocktail, coffee breaks and all the activities of the official schedule. Use of the badge will be required.