Brazilian Congress of Health Promotion

November 04-07

Unicesumar - Maringá-PR


CBIPS intends to strengthen research in Health Promotion

The CBPS is the result of a great partnership of UniCesumar with other stricto sensu graduate programs in Health Promotion. Buy Toradol online The event’s main objective is to provide the interaction between teachers/researchers, graduate and under-graduate students and professionals from several fields of knowledge involved in health promotion.

The organization of the Congress counts with Graduate Courses in Health Promotion from University of Franca –UNIFRAN; Masters Course in Health Promotion purchase Prozac of the University of Santa Cruz do Sul – UNISC; and the Professional Masters Course in Health Promotion from the Adventist University Center of São Paulo – UNASPO; besides the Masters Course in Health Promotion of the UniCesumar (PPGPS), which hosts the event.

The objective of the CBPS is to establish the link between these Health Programs for the strengthening of the research in many different lines involving older people, young people, workers and other groups. In addition, the event wants to contribute to the construction of the joints with the civil society, with the public institutions and companies involved directly and indirectly in promotion of health.

“Undoubtedly this will be a unique opportunity to discuss issues relevant to the construction of actions for health promotion, especially, the importance of interdisciplinary studies in this area”, highlights the coordinator of PPGPS and president of cheap Prozac CBIPS organizing committee, professor Cristina Vermelho.